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Your Partners for Swiss Machining

Swiss machining in Northwest Chicago is often referred to as single-point turning. The raw bar stock material turns much as it would in a lathe to provide superior finishes on tight tolerances. Swiss-type machines are versatile, and with a wide variety of attachments can produce most parts complete making secondary operations unnecessary.


AM Swiss offers our customers:

  • Capacity to .750" Bar Stock in Most Materials
  • High Precision Tolerances
  • Turned Finishes to 32 Micro Inches
  • Multiple Turned Diameters
  • Long Turned Diameters Up to 3.4"
  • Turned Tapers and Radii
  • Threaded, Slotted, Drilled, Tapped, Cross-Drilled, Milled, and Knurled Parts

Every customer part has its own requirements. Look to AM Swiss to provide all the operations necessary to fabricate your part, on-time, and with repeatable quality. Reach out to our team for a more comprehensive listing of equipment, and for additional capabilities. Secondary equipment and operations are available for parts that cannot be produced completely via our screw machines.